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Goldendoodle Puppies Delivered to You!

We have many option for your puppy to be delivered to you 

- In person pickup in Central Utah

- Fly into SLC Airport we will meet you with your puppy $125

- Flight Nanny, Your puppy will fly to the nearest airport- $650-850

Delivery Driver $1.25/delivered mile.

Vegas Delivery, can meet at the airport or meet in Vegas $250

red and white goldendoodle

Toy /Petite Goldendoodle Puppies 



Petite/Mini Goldendoodle Puppies



Mini/Medium Goldendoodles



neogen genetics
animal genetics
embark health testing
ofa testing logo

health tested

Health testing completed through Embark, Animal Genetics,

Canine Neogen Genetics


trupanion goldendoodle insurance

health insurance

Along with our one year genetic health guarantee, we offer a free month of Trupanion Health Insurance for your goldendoodle puppy

good dog goldendoodle

Breeder of Merit

We have been recognized for our responsible, ethical breeding of our high quality teddybear goldendoodle puppies

baxter and bella goldendoodle puppy training

training you & your puppy

We've partnered with Baxter and Bella Online Puppy school to make it easy for you to have the best relationship with your new teddybear goldendoodle puppy

Make sure to use CRR25, for 25% off!

Cedar Doodles Standard of Excellence

Genetic Planning

Training from day one

Therapy Grade Goldendoodle Puppies

 Our Teddybear goldendoodle breeding program focuses on producing goldendoodle puppies with the highest-end genetics, which results in goldendoodle puppies that are beautiful, hypoallergenic, intelligent and, above all, very trainable

Our puppies are held, loved, and trained from the day they are born, ensuring that they are well-mannered and socialized by the time they are ready to go to their forever homes. Our Love of the goldendoodle breed helps us stay at the forefront of training techniques and practices. We are always improving how to connect, bond and produce the best goldendoodle puppy possible

Here we raise therapy grade goldendoodle puppies with purpose. We are proud to report many of our dogs have the appropriate qualities, temperaments, and personalities to become service dogs. Our goldendoodle puppies are able to connect with people without words, and offer the support they need. 

Goldendoodle Puppy Pricing FAQ

What is the average price of a Goldendoodle puppy? 

Goldendoodles range in price from $2000-4500. Pricing is dependent upon size, coat, color, training level, and temperament. 

What expenses are involved in breeding goldendoodle puppies? 
  • Purchase of high quality parents

  • Genetic Testing

  • Grooming

  • Vet Appointments

  • Ultrasound, AI, TCI

  • Progesterone Testing

  • Normal Dog expenses 

  • Stud Fee

  • Nutritional Supplements

  • Whelping expenses

What do I get for the price of my puppy? 

High quality puppies don't happen by accident. We devote countless hours into breeding, whelping, raising and starting your puppy on the right foot. 

Your puppy purchase includes: 

  • High quality parents (Good genetics)

    • We want you to have the healthiest dog/puppy possible so we do our homework to give you peace of mind when it comes to choosing a puppy. We do our best to ensure your puppies overall genetic health to give them the longest fullest life possible. ​

  • Hands on involvement

    • Puppies are handled from day one. ​

    • Your puppy is held, loved, taught, and enriched from day one. These puppies will spend 8 weeks with hands on care and teaching in a 24/7 involvement right in our own home. 

  • Potty training basics

    • We want you to have a good experience as you transition your puppy to your home so we use their natural "den" instincts to teach your puppy. ​

    • Week 2 begins potty pad training, and progress to litterbox, dog door to a fully potty trained mini goldendoodle 

  • Engagement

    • The best puppies are those that connect with people. This happens when you teach them little by little, day by day, consistently. We consistently create these experiences in which your puppy will live up to their full potential ​

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