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Goldendoodle Puppies for Sale New Jersey

Welcome to Cedar Doodles

Home of the Teddybear Goldendoodle Puppy

Hi ! I'm Rachael, and I'm the owner of Cedar Doodles. Here we raise, breed and train goldendoodle puppies with purpose. 

Our goldendoodle puppies are known for their loving personalities, easier to train temperaments and their ability to connect with their people. 

We raise your goldendoodle puppy the way you want it to be raised. Raised in our home, always meant for yours! Reach out today and let's match you with your perfect Teddybear Goldendoodle puppy!  Reach out today so we can match you with your perfect goldendoodle for you in your home in New Jersey!

Benefits of owning a Goldendoodle Puppy In New Jersey

Owning a Goldendoodle puppy in New Jersey brings a plethora of benefits to both heart and home. These affectionate companions blend the intelligence of Poodles with the friendly demeanor of Golden Retrievers, making them ideal family pets. In the Garden State's bustling cities or serene suburbs, Goldendoodles thrive with their adaptable nature and low-shedding coats, perfect for allergy sufferers. Their playful energy encourages outdoor adventures along the Jersey Shore or tranquil hikes in the state's lush parks. Moreover, these loyal companions offer emotional support, enriching lives with their unwavering love and companionship, creating lasting memories in the diverse landscapes of New Jersey.

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Goldendoodle Puppies Delivered to You!

We have many option for your puppy to be delivered to you 

- In person pickup in Central Utah

- Fly into SLC Airport we will meet you with your puppy $125

- Flight Nanny, Your puppy will fly to the nearest airport- $650-850

Delivery Driver $1.25/delivered mile.

Vegas Delivery, can meet at the airport or meet in Vegas $250

red and white goldendoodle

Toy /Petite Goldendoodle Puppies 



Petite/Mini Goldendoodle Puppies



Mini/Medium Goldendoodles



animal genetics
embark health testing_edited.jpg
ofa testing logo

health tested

Health testing completed through Embark, Animal Genetics,

Canine Neogen Genetics


health insurance

Along with our one year genetic health guarantee, we offer a free month of Trupanion Health Insurance for your goldendoodle puppy

Breeder of Merit

We have been recognized for our responsible, ethical breeding of our high quality teddybear goldendoodle puppies

training you & your puppy

We've partnered with Baxter and Bella Online Puppy school to make it easy for you to have the best relationship with your new teddybear goldendoodle puppy

Make sure to use CRR25, for 25% off!

Cedar Doodles Program FAQ

Where are you located?

What sets you apart from other breeders?

How do I know you aren't a scammer?

What is your policy on puppy visits? 

What do you love most about your program?

Transitioning Home FAQ

I just brought my puppy home, what should I do first?

What is crate training, how can it help me potty train my puppy?

How often should I feed my puppy?

How do I continue to potty train my puppy?

Bell Training, for potty training. What is it?

Can I prevent puppy chewing?

Why the slip leash, everyone recommends a harness?

Puppy Training, what should I do?

Can my puppy be left alone? What if my puppy whines in their crate, should I leave them in?

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