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cedar doodles with teddybear mini goldendoodle

Cedar Doodles Reviews

See what people are saying about our goldendoodle puppies when you read our reviews! We are proud to offer the highest quality goldendoodle puppy around, with our trademark teddybear face!

parti goldendoodle puppy
Meet Dutton

"I have had Dutton for two weeks and he is seriously the smartest puppy I have ever experienced!! He was sleeping through the night on his second night home and since. He is fully potty trained after our first week. The three accidents were my fault for not taking him out after his nap. He has been to the bet twice and loves to meet and get loves from everyone we meet.

Took him to Petco yesterday on his leash and he walked through there like a show dog. He has gained 1.4 lbs in one week, fully transitioned to his new food, The Fresh Pet. He loves to pull every toy out of his basket every day and takes his ball outside to his grass patch where he loves to sun, cloud, rain or snow bathe! He LOVES to be outside!! Now we started by accident to learn how to fetch and brink back and he mastered it in the first toss!!

Thank you to Rachael @ Cedar Doodles for everything you do for these pups! It truly shows how much you love your dogs and their babies! If you are looking for a Goldendoodle I HIGHLY recommend her!" - Bonnie

black goldendoodle puppy
Meet Miko (Jay)

"If he isn't the most loving and loyal dog in the whole world, I'd be surprised!! We just love this dog! We'll never be able to thank you (Rachael) enough. Miko is the best! We're eternally grateful.

- Justin & Family

red and white abstract teddybear goldendoodle puppy
Meet  Campbell

"I was lucky enough to get the brother to Cash & Clark. If you're looking for a great breeder that truly loves and cares for her pups, Cedar Doodles is the perfect match. My puppy came to me knowing more than I expected.

What a gift of love he's been to us!"

parti teddybear goldendoodle puppy
Meet Ryder (Roscoe)

"We are so happy with our goldendoodle, Ryder ("Roscoe".) He is a very happy, health puppy. Out of curiosity we had his DNA tested because we were interested in learning about any potential health issues. The DNA test confirmed that he is in fact a F1B Goldendoodle (not that we questioned it) and has a healthy genetic make-up.


Our boy is everything Rachael described and more! Words cannot describe how much in-love we are with our fur-baby. This is our first time raising a goldendoodle. Ryder is very smart, fast learner (housebreaking was easy,) silly, cuddly, and he loves to use his arms to hug us (a poodle trait.) He's great with other dogs, children, strangers - just a friendly, outgoing personality.

Rachael was amazing. She answered all our questions, and responded to all our text messages in a timely fashion and made this whole process so easy for us. We highly recommend Cedar and Co. Doodles." - The Wright Family

red teddybear goldendoodle puppy
Meet Ruby

Great experience. Love my dog and Cedar Doodles were great to offer puppy care solutions specifically for grooming my doodle. I would highly recommend Cedar Doodles.

-J. Wisdom

person holding litter of teddybear goldendoodle puppies including parti, taupe, red and white abstract puppies
Meet Skippy

Rachael truly loves her puppies! She does everything in her power to make sure they have a great start. We got our 1st puppy and he was such a Jewel we called and put our name on the list for a 2nd puppy. What a bundle of love! If someone I know is looking for a puppy I immediately suggest they contact Rachael. Several of them now have puppies from her. I know all of them are very happy (& in love) with their new family members. Once we decided on getting a puppy I worried about "puppy mills", put your mind at ease with Rachael she truly loves your puppy before it comes home to you. If my husband would agree to a 3rd puppy, I would be contacting Rachael again

- T. Robinson

taupe teddybear goldendoodle puppies
Meet Ryder

We Love CRR doodles! They are so personable and answered all of our questions. We absolutely love our dog and are so happy that we found them!

- B. Lords

taupe teddybear goldendoodle puppies
Meet Penny

Rachael is just beyond amazing! Not only as a person but as a professional breeder! The dogs are all so spoiled, loved, trained and even have their own little mom and puppy house! Heating, air conditioning, hard wood floors the whole shabang! They are around kids day one, crate trained before they leave, the list goes on and on how hard she works with them!

The moms and dads are well loved and cared for! They have lots of room to run around, play and just live the best life possible!

OH I can't forget! The puppies are beyond ADORABLE!!!! I have seen them up close and their faces are to die for! We are getting one this summer for my son who is disabled and is allergic to dogs. But this liter will be hypoallergenic!!! He or she are going the service dog trainer to become a full blown service dog!!! We just can't wait to have a Cedar Doodle part of our family!

One last thing, she has connected with a local, affordable Service Dog Trainer with a discount! You can't beat that!!!!!

1 year Update: Penny is a little over a year old and dang it isn’t she the cutest thing ever! She is so amazing with all my boys and just is so loving and is so aware of who needs some extra loves and snuggles.

I am so grateful that we added her to our family! If you are looking for an amazing family dog, best friend or fur baby, you are in the right place!!!

- C Furhiman

red and white abstract teddybear goldendoodle puppies
Meet Duke (Kash)

I just would like to express my gratitude for providing 2 awesome goldendoodles. I have a female F1A (Kali) that is 2 that has the best disposition and thinks everyone is her new best friend. Also, being a starter puppy she potty trained easily and listened well with simple commands. I recently received a second male puppy (Kash) F1B that is the smartest puppy ever. He has potty trained completely going in and out a doggy door within 2 weeks. Sleeps in his crate all night. No issues. Listens to commands well. He is 14 weeks now and has been the easiest puppy ever. So do it! No regrets. Also, I send pictures and kept Rachel informed as they grow. I always say it’s an open adoption

- A. Conti

cream and white abstract mini poodle puppy
Meet Reese

Rachel is both an informative and fun communicator. She answered all my questions promptly and completely. My poodle puppy is delightful. She is intelligent and learns quickly. She loves to help me weed in the garden. I pull a weed and she carries it away. She is funny, active and full of joy and yet she calms down and cuddles when it’s time. Rachel has continued to follow up with me to see if she can answer any questions that may have come up since we picked up our little girl. Thank you. Rachel, for a great experience.

- L. Furgason

red and white teddybear goldendoodle puppy
Meet Lincoln

We had been looking for a mini golden doodle or labradoodle for awhile but timing just didn’t seem right or the breeder didn’t seem right. We stumbled on Cedar Doodles Instagram page and saw Lincoln and literally feel in love at first sight. I reached out to Rachel and she responded promptly and told me Lincoln was actually available now and that he’s the sweetest boy ever! The breeder already had beginner shots done, microchip, crate training started and dog door training started, which were the things we needed and wanted done prior to bringing a puppy home.


Rachel the breeder has been so incredibly communicative and responsive to us. We have now found our missing “linc” aka LINCOLN and we couldn’t be happier. He’s truly such an amazing dog and we know he came to his new home and forever family with so much love and that means everything to us!!! We are beyond happy we have him now and have such an amazing breeder in Cedar Doodles.

We highly recommend getting one of their puppies as they are truly the best! Thank you again for our amazing puppy!

- N. Raleigh

red and white teddybear goldendoodle puppy
Meet Admiral (Riley)

Raechael was superb to deal with. She went above and beyond to make sure we had the best experience possible in acquiring our newest family member — Admiral (now Riley). He has the best disposition and at eight weeks, is quick to learn. His crate training coupled with his other early training makes him a great learner from the very beginning. Cedar Doodles is the BEST!!!

- J. Blazer

Cedar Doodles Standard of Excellence

Genetic Planning

Training from day one

Therapy Grade Goldendoodle Puppies

 Our Teddybear goldendoodle breeding program focuses on producing goldendoodle puppies with the highest-end genetics, which results in goldendoodle puppies that are beautiful, hypoallergenic, intelligent and, above all, very trainable

Our puppies are held, loved, and trained from the day they are born, ensuring that they are well-mannered and socialized by the time they are ready to go to their forever homes. Our Love of the goldendoodle breed helps us stay at the forefront of training techniques and practices. We are always improving how to connect, bond and produce the best goldendoodle puppy possible

Here we raise therapy grade goldendoodle puppies with purpose. We are proud to report many of our dogs have the appropriate qualities, temperaments, and personalities to become service dogs. Our goldendoodle puppies are able to connect with people without words, and offer the support they need. 

Find a Goldendoodle Puppy Near Me

 Our goldendoodle puppies are raised in home, trained from day one! We are proud to offer offer our goldendoodle puppies to families/homes like yours, across the USA. We have a way to get your own goldendoodle puppy to you ! Below we have listed the locations we serve! Reach out today to start the process of adding a goldendoodle puppy to your home ! 

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