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Cedar Doodles Program FAQ

Where are you located?

What sets you apart from other breeders?

How do I know you aren't a scammer?

What is your policy on goldendoodle puppy visits? 

What do you love most about your goldendoodle program?

Transitioning Home FAQ

I just brought my goldendoodle puppy home, what should I do first?

What is crate training, how can it help me potty train my goldendoodle puppy?

How often should I feed my goldendoodle puppy?

How do I continue to potty train my goldendoodle puppy?

Puppy Teething/Biting

Can I prevent my goldendoodle puppy from chewing?

Why the slip leash, everyone recommends a harness?

Goldendoodle Puppy Training, what should I do?

Can my goldendoodle puppy be left alone? What if my goldendoodle puppy whines in their crate, should I leave them in?

Goldendoodle Puppy Training Pro Tips

goldendoodle Carmel puppy

Nervous or Excited Urination in Goldendoodle Puppies

This is a very common issue in ALL PUPPIES. Not just your goldendoodle puppy. This can even happen in older dogs. The most important thing to remember is that if you greet your goldendoodle puppy with excitment it can lead to their excitment causing them to urinate. 


If you are finding your goldendoodle puppy is nervous/excited peeing follow these steps. 


1. Greet your puppy without words


2. Don't make eye contact


3. Keep a calm energy, take a deep breath,and remember to breathe. 


4. Have some of their kibble with you, ask your goldendoodle puppy to sit or come. This will help switch their brain to thinking, and will make the focus on something else. With their brain preoccupied they will be less likely to urinate. 


5. Reward the good behavior by marking it with the word YES or GOOD. Make sure to show affection or give a small treat. 


You can practice this with other individuals by having them greet your dog in the same way . Following the exact same steps. 


You can also have 3-4 people walk past your puppy and have them ignore the distractions and focus on you , as they walk past the people and keep focused on you, make sure to reward and mark the eye connection they make with you! This is key to building their confidence. 


Practice these tips with your goldendoodle puppy to help them not have nervous or excited urination. 

goldendoodle Carmel puppy

How to Engage Your Goldendoodle Puppy

How can you challenge your goldendoodle puppy mentally so you can keep their mind active? 


1. Use meal time as training time. Every time they make eye engagement reward and give a treat. Mark the good behavior. 


2. Get 4 matching cups. Hide their a couple pieces of their food in one of the cups and have them sniff to find which cup it is in. When they touch the food in the cup go ahead and mark the good behavior. Continue playing the game. 


3. Use a slow feeder or a puzzle feeder to engage their mind. 


4. Put their food in a snuffle mat so they can look or find their food


5. Spread their food in the grass and have them find it. They will love the challenge, and their nose will love looking for it. This very engaging for dogs. 


6. Teach your dog how to sit by using their kibble. Put the kibble in your hand, make a fist. Standing in front of your dog with the food in your fist. Slowly move the food in front of their nose and above their head. As their nose follows their bum will naturally go to the ground and they will sit. As soon as they start to sit, mark the good behavior with YES or GOOD. 

goldendoodle Carmel puppy

How to train your goldendoodle puppy

The best way to train your goldendoodle puppy is going to depend on the way you learn best. Some people learn best by books, in person teaching, seminars, videos, or even one on on training. 


1. Find how you learn best. Then sign up and and attend/ watch or read different techniques. 


2. Commit to 10 minutes a day of at home training, in the matter of training, in  which you have decided to follow. 


3. The best time to train is at meal time as your puppy is engaged, and wants to connect, especially because they are hungry. 


4. Make sure you are consistent. Start small and stay consistent. 


5. Give them the appropriate amount of exercise daily. 


6. Reward for good behavior. Stay on your schedule. Continue to attend your desired class/ seminar/ workshop or videos. 

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