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Goldendoodle Puppy Training

Goldendoodle Puppy Training as easy as one, two, three! We make it easy for you to have a great relationship with your puppy ! Learn more below

Our Goldendoodle Puppy Training Program

We know teaching your goldendoodle puppy is best done little by little, day by day, with high praise and consistent repetition. That's why we've created a three step training program. This is where we can help set your goldendoodle puppy up for a successful relationship with you and your lifestyle.

It's as easy as one, two three. 

Goldendoodle Puppy pricing varies by litter, color, parents, size. Some goldendoodle puppies will be trained as part of the litter program. Reach out for goldendoodle puppy/ puppy prices.

Step 1: Goldendoodle Puppy Training

2 week Goldendoodle Puppy Training Program $750

Your Goldendoodle puppy will stay with for two weeks.

We will work with your puppy on:

  • Socialization

  • Repetition

  • Marker words Intro

  • Crate socialization

  • Loose leash manners Intro

Your goldendoodle puppy will receive age appropriate vaccines and wormers during their stay. 

They will come home with a special slip leash and training schedule for you to continue with. 

Step 2:

Goldendoodle Puppy Training

4 week Goldendoodle Puppy training program $1500

Your Goldendoodle puppy will stay with us for four weeks. In that time we will work on 

  • Dog Door Training

  • Basic obedience: Come, Sit, Wait

  • Crate Training (Extended)

  • Leash manners

  • Marker words

  • Socialization

Your goldendoodle puppy will also have the appropriate boosters and wormers during this time. They will come home with a loose leash, and training schedule. 

Step 3: 

Goldendoodle Puppy Training

8 week Goldendoodle training program $3500

Step 3 goldendoodle puppy training last 8 total weeks. Your goldendoodle puppy will be with us from when they are 8 weeks old til they are 16 weeks old. During that time they will  

  • Learn to willingly walk on loose leash

  • Learn to come to their name

  • Learn basic obedience, come, sit, place, leave it. Start on wait.

  • Sleeping individually in their crate 6+ hrs a night*

  • Know their marker words ( Yes, Good)

  • Learn socialization skills, people manners, and proper interaction with kids

  • Be kept on a schedule to create the most successful potty training start

  • Be fully vaccinated with their 3 core vaccinations. 6,9,12week

  • They will UTD on age appropriate wormers.

  • Your puppy will be ready to go home by the time when they are  sixteen weeks.

They will come home with their slip lead, training schedule and be fully groomed.

Because puppies aren't able to hold their bladder until they are older, we work on training each puppies individually, based on size, age, and development.Puppies will need to be assessed individually. For example toy puppies may need to be taken out once at night, while a bigger size would sleep 7-8hrs a night. 

While your goldendoodle puppy is with us we will arrange for once a week facetime appointments with your puppy where we will update you on their progress, answer any questions you have, and talk about upcoming tasks/ goals for the week. 

We will send bi weekly updates via pictures and videos so you can watch them learn and grow in their goldendoodle puppy training program !

If you'd like more info on our goldendoodle puppy training programs please send us your info. 

You can also inquire on one of our available goldendoodle puppies that we have for sale

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animal genetics
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health tested

Health testing completed through Embark, Animal Genetics,

Canine Neogen Genetics


health insurance

Along with our one year genetic health guarantee, we offer a free month of Trupanion Health Insurance for your goldendoodle puppy

Breeder of Merit

We have been recognized for our responsible, ethical breeding of our high quality teddybear goldendoodle puppies

training you & your puppy

We've partnered with Baxter and Bella Online Puppy school to make it easy for you to have the best relationship with your new teddybear goldendoodle puppy

Make sure to use CRR25, for 25% off!

red abstract Goldendoodle puppies standing on chair

Why is puppy training important for my goldendoodle puppy ? 

The fact of life, when it comes to goldendoodle puppy ownership is, dogs speak a different language than we do. At Cedar Doodles we desire our families to have a good experience with their goldendoodle puppy . We know there is and will always be a transition as they are going between different environments, homes, and routines. However, we know there is a way to make this transition more smooth as you bring them home and welcome them to your life. Early goldendoodle puppy training is a fundamental aspect of allowing you and your goldendoodle puppy to essentially speak the same language. Training allows your goldendoodle puppy to learn how to begin to communicate with their person, and allows you (their owner) to understand how they are trying to connect with you. This key period in a goldendoodle puppies life will shape their behavior, socialization skills, and start the foundation of a strong bond with their owner. When you think of training think of it as an investment with a high return. The return of this investment looks like a well-behaved, happy, confident adult goldendoodle Who wouldn’t want that ? As you start on the path to welcoming home your own teddybear goldendoodle puppy into your own home, we ask you to embrace the opportunity to guide them towards the fullest life possible as they connect with love, understanding, and positive interactions through goldendoodle puppy training.

What is the basis of your goldendoodle puppy training program ? 

As someone that has trained multiple breeds of dogs throughout the years with many different styles, and techniques. I have come to the conclusion the best possible way to get the most out of goldendoodle puppy is through training that involves positive reinforcement and marker words. Goldendoodle puppies are dogs want to please. Goldendoodles puppies are especially willing and wanting to please. When you are able to mark their good behavior with your positive tone, you will find they will seek out that reward. As hard as it may seems sometimes to ignore the bad, redirect, and focus on the good, this is where we have found key success in training goldendoodle puppies. Marker words allow us to speak the goldendoodle puppy language and connect with them faster. Goldendoodles puppies need a way to speak our langauge , we need a way to speak to them. Marker words allow us to do this. Through marker words , and positive reinforcement, we are able to start your goldendoodle puppies on the path to success!

Find a Goldendoodle Puppy Near Me

 Our goldendoodle puppies are raised in home, trained from day one! We are proud to offer offer our goldendoodle puppies to families/homes like yours, across the USA. We have a way to get your own goldendoodle puppy to you ! Below we have listed the locations we serve! Reach out today to start the process of adding a goldendoodle puppy to your home ! 

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