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Puppy Essentials

What will you need for you new puppy? We’ve put together a list of essentials to get you started. You’re more than welcome to add whatever you would like! This is what we use and love everyday with your puppy currently!

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baxter and bella puppy training

Puppy Essentials

Training doesn't have to wait! Everyone wants a trained dog, but how do you get one? It starts before puppies come home. It starts by learning about what you CAN do.


We have partnered with Baxter and Bellas online Puppy School to give you the tools you need for success. This is a opportunity for you to know and learn how to better take care of, train and teach your puppy for their whole life! You will be able to watch, read and learn how to best connect with your puppy, and the best part Baxter and Bella offers a lifetime membership!


Make sure to use our code: CRR25 for 25% off! Your puppy and us, thank you!

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taupe Mini Teddybear goldendoodle puppy

Puppy Contract

We care about you, and your puppy which is why we offer a one year genetic health guarantee. Please fill out the the puppy contract below, as it will review the genetic guarantee, and what you will need to do in order to have that in effect.

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newborn teddybear goldendoodle puppy

Schedule with your groomer!

Your puppy is very familiar with grooming. They have been brushed, had sanitary shaves, and nails trimmed. This vital lesson helps them as they go on to your home, and to their groomer. We strongly recommend finding a groomer, and getting added onto their schedule at regular intervals. We recommend puppies are groomed every 4-6 weeks.


Find a vet!

A good vet is your best friend. Find a vet you can trust to take care of your puppy. In order to complete your health guarantee your puppy will need to be examined by your vet within 2 business days of pickup.Your puppy will need its second set of shots at 9 weeks old. We highly recommend getting on the vet's schedule now in order to ensure your puppy is fully vaccinated without delays.


Find a dog trainer!

Your puppy has been training with us since they were first born. If you want a good relationship with your puppy it starts the day you meet them. Finding a dog trainer/dog training can help teach you how to be your dog's leader. Leadership is key to a great relationship with your pup!


Watch the video!

Below we have attached a link to our marker words video. Your puppy is familiar with the word yes. This will help you and your pup speak the same language. You'll be amazed how quickly they catch on!

Just Say Yes!

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taupe teddybear mini goldendoodle puppy

Fully Vaccinated

By now you’ve taken your puppy for its initial check-up within two days of receiving the puppy, and ideally have also scheduled the puppy's 9-week visit with your vet - this is great news!


In the meantime, please remember not to bring your puppy to dog parks, public grass, or obedience school until they are fully vaccinated. This is both for the safety of your own puppy, as well as the safety of other dogs.

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Soft Stool/Parasites

red teddybear mini goldendoodle puppy

Your puppy can't tell you that they are nervous with words, but you will be able to tell by their stool. The change of climates, people, locations, and lifestyle can cause stress/nervousness, and we would love for you to be aware of this in case this happens to be true with your specific puppy. That being said, puppies can also get soft stool by eating too fast, or eating too much.


With my healthcare background, I feel it best to help teach each of our families so they can be educated on how to maintain the best possible health for their puppy. Dogs can be exposed in many ways to parasites that cause soft stool. We have listed them below to help you best take care of your dog.


Parasites are a part of owning a puppy/dog. Puppies try everything out with their mouth since they don't have hands like we do! Your puppy is on a set worming schedule, and has been wormed regularly prior to your pickup. We do our best to make sure they are as healthy as possible. Despite our most diligent efforts in worming, sanitizing, and overall healthy upkeep elements in their natural environment, stress can bring out parasites in them which can include coccidia and giaradia. Coccidia and giardia can be found in traces in the water and soil in natural outdoor elements.


We recommend a good probiotic to help your puppies overall gut health. We have one listed on Amazon.


An addition of pumpkin or plain greek yogurt is a great probiotic that your puppies will love! Add a couple of TBSP with their food.


We recommend that you continue a worming schedule that can be set up with your vet. Your vet may also perform a stool analysis at your puppies vet check. (If traces of coccidia, giardia, or any parasite is found your vet will put them on a Fenbendazole wormer for 5 days, or treat with Flagyl.) During this time your probiotic will still be a great addition to their food.


Puppies love to play in their water, and as such we strongly encourage that you keep their water changed frequently!


Your puppy thanks you!

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cream colored Mini Teddybear goldendoodle puppy

Feeding Schedule

Your puppy is being fed twice per day. We feed them in their crates to help them with crate training.

We feed your puppy Natures Domain Puppy Food. A bag will be sent home with you to help you transition. Please use that to transition to a dog food of your choice. ( If possible We highly encourage you to buy at least one bag of Natures Domain Puppy Food to help your puppy transition. This is easier on them as they come home to you )As shown on the Amazon list we recommend also purchasing a slow feeder - if you remember the section above that talks about soft stool, a slow feeder will help your puppy not eat quite as fast thereby reducing the chances of soft stool caused by eating too quickly.

Check out the video to help you know how to transition puppy food.

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red teddybear mini goldendoodle puppy

First Stop

Potty trainingYour puppy is used to going potty outside in a designated area. Choose an area in your yard, and take him there FIRST. Set yourself up for success by teaching him where to go.


Take your puppy to the bathroom in that same spot:

After sleeping

After eating

When they are finished playing


They will quickly learn where they are to go to the bathroom. You can help this process by using a bell on your door. (Don't worry! We've attached a video to show you how to do just that!)

TIP #8

trupanion puppy insurance

30- Day Free Puppy Insurance

Enjoy the next 30 days on us! We want you to have peace of mind as you go home with your new family member. That is why we offer a free 30 days of pet insurance. All you have to do is fill out your name, info, vet info, and add in our code.The first 30 days is free, and you can decide from that point on if it is something you would like to continue.

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mini goldendoodle puppy

Last, But Not Least

Enjoy! There is a learning curve as these puppies get used to their new normal. They are just like a baby in the way that they are learning what it is that you want from them, and are trying their best to understand. Please be patient, love them, and don't forget to give them a hug or two from us - we do miss them dearly.


Your new puppy has been waiting its entire life to meet you, and we know you will fall in love with your new companion, and family member from the first time you lay eyes on them!

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