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Do Mom Dogs Miss Their Puppies?

This is an exciting time as you just got your new puppy! While wondering how the transition will go with your new dog, adjusting to your home , life and other situations, you may begin to wonder if the mom dog will miss her puppy. In this post we want to discuss just that. We will answer that questions by covering the following:

  • Maternal Instincts in the Animal Kingdom,

  • Puppy Development that influences mom and puppy relationship.

  • Transition from mom to their new home.

  • What to expect during this transition

Maternal Instincts in the Animal Kingdom

In the animal kingdom, maternal instincts are strong, and many mother dogs exhibit care and protection towards their puppies in their early stages of life. Maternal instincts let the mother dog realize the puppies are helpless and are dependent on their mom for survival. While your puppy may not have any predators as they aren't born in the wild, their mom still exhibits protection and a close eye toward them to ensure their safety. As puppies grow , become more independent as they move onto gruel, walk , and begin to explore the natural instinct of protection will begin to decrease.

Puppy Development

Puppies develop and mature very quickly in comparison to humans. Puppies are born very much helpless and are completely dependent on mom. They are born blind and deaf, and the only thing that works is their nose. Puppies quickly grow and mature and within a few short weeks go from being dependent to independent. The relationship with mom changes during that time as well. Mom will spend a lot of time in the whelping box watching and taking care of her puppies. As puppies begin to explore and walk around the mom dog will naturally spend more and more time away from them. We have found the biggest change in the relationship comes when puppies develop teeth. Mom doesn't enjoy spending as much time in the whelping box when puppies have teeth and are coming after mom with razor sharp teeth always looking to nurse.

When puppies are weaned and eventually rehomed or separated from their mother, the mother dog may show signs of searching for them or display some restlessness for a short period. She may vocalize, wander around, or seem less settled. This behavior is a natural response and usually temporary.

It's important to note that not all dogs react the same way, and some may not display any noticeable signs of missing their puppies. Additionally, some dogs may be more focused on their own well-being and daily routines once the puppies are no longer with them.

If you're concerned about a dog's behavior after her puppies have been separated from her, it's a good idea to consult with a veterinarian or a professional dog behaviorist. They can provide guidance and advice tailored to the specific situation and help ensure the well-being of both the mother dog and her puppies.

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