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cedar doodles logo with teddybear mini goldendoodle puppy

Cedar Doodles Studs

red goldendoodle stud description

Titan Stud Fee $800

Black and Tan phantom mini poodle


AKC Mini Poodle

Height: 15"
Weight: 14lbs

Copper is a happy ray of sunshine. He walks with a wagging tail and a smile on his face. He is agile, loving and loves to connect.

He is a phenomenal looking poodle, with striking phantom markings. We are excited to have him, and excited to offer phantom doodles in the near future.


He will also be open to outside stud services.


Health Tested Via Animal Genetics

and Pawprint

Stud Fee: $1200 Doodles

Stud Fee: $1800 AKC Registered Poodles


Each of our dogs are raised in our home. This hands-on

approach allows us to know everything about our dogs,

from composition to temperament, and allows us to choose

the best possible parents for your future puppy!

Genetic Testing via Vetnostics, Animal Genetics and Embark

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