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Goldendoodles FAQ

Considering a goldendoodle puppy? Let's look into the top things you should know prior to getting this beloved breed !

1. Breed Characteristics: Goldendoodles are a cross between a Golden Retriever and a Poodle, resulting in a friendly, intelligent breed. They can vary in size, coat type, and personality, so it's important to know what size, coat type and temperament you are wanting !

2. Grooming Needs: Goldendoodles have a low-shedding coat that requires regular grooming to prevent matting and keep it healthy. Depending on the coat type, they may need to be brushed daily and professionally groomed every 6-8 weeks. Be sure to check out our all about coat colors and grooming requirements on our website to see pictures of what this looks like!

3. Exercise Requirements: Goldendoodles are a moderate-active breed and require daily exercise to stay healthy and happy. They enjoy activities like walks, runs, and playing fetch, so be prepared to provide them with plenty of physical and mental stimulation.

4. Training and Socialization: Goldendoodles are highly intelligent and eager to please, making them relatively easy to train. They do well with consistent and positive training methods, and you will find this is important in training them. Early socialization is also crucial to ensure they grow up to be well-adjusted and friendly dogs.

5. Health Concerns: Like all breeds, Goldendoodles can be prone to certain health issues, such as hip dysplasia, ear infections, and allergies. It's important to research the breed's potential health concerns and choose a reputable breeder who screens their dogs for these issues. It is also important to check with your breeder to see what kind of a genetic guarantee they offer.

6. Time and Financial Commitment: Goldendoodles require a significant amount of time and financial commitment. They need daily exercise, grooming, training, and regular vet visits. They also have a lifespan of 10-15 years, so be prepared for a long-term commitment.

7. Living Arrangements: Goldendoodles can adapt to various living arrangements. It is important, just like any other breed to offer then the ability to run and play. They also thrive on human companionship and will need to be worked with to learn proper socialization and that is okay to be left alone.

8. Diet and Nutrition: Goldendoodles have specific dietary needs based on their size, age, and activity level. It's important to choose a high-quality dog food and monitor their weight to prevent obesity, which can lead to health issues.

9. Allergies: While Goldendoodles are often marketed as hypoallergenic, it is important to know what kind of generation is more allergy friendly (hypoallergenic). Goldendoodles that have higher poodle percentage are going to be better for people with allergies. If you have serious allergies it is also important to keep your goldendoodle groomed frequently/ brushed frequently.

10. Patience and Love: Goldendoodles are known for their friendly and loving nature, but they also require patience and understanding as they grow and develop. Be prepared to provide them with lots of love, attention, and training to help them become the best companion possible.

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