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Goldendoodle puppy - baylor

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At Cedar Doodles we are proud to offer the highest quality goldendoodle puppies with a teddybear face! We are able to offer you your own teddybear puppy in your state ! Click on the locations below to find a goldendoodle puppy for you !

Teddybear Goldendoodle Puppies

Meet your dream goldendoodle puppy today!

Teddybear Goldendoodle Puppies designed for you ! You deserve to be accepted and loved unconditionally, and there is a goldendoodle puppy waiting to do just that !

neo gen goldendoodle genetics
animal genetics
embark goldendoodle genetics
ofa testing logo

health tested

Health testing completed through Embark, Animal Genetics,

Canine Neogen Genetics


trupanion goldendoodle health insurance

health insurance

Along with our one year genetic health guarantee, we offer a free month of Trupanion Health Insurance for your goldendoodle puppy

good dog goldendoodle

Breeder of Merit

We have been recognized for our responsible, ethical breeding of our high quality teddybear goldendoodle puppies

baxter and bella goldendoodle puppy training

training you & your puppy

We've partnered with Baxter and Bella Online Puppy school to make it easy for you to have the best relationship with your new teddybear goldendoodle puppy

Make sure to use CRR25, for 25% off!

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